5 Important Tips From A Successful Google Ads Account Manager

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March 23, 2022

Using Google Ads can be a rewarding experience, driving tons of traffic to your site while growing your customer base. To use it, however, requires a lot of know-how to fully understand how it works and to get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns. Here are the top 5 tips from a successful Google Ads Account Manager.

1. Tracking is Continuous

AdWords as it was formally known and PPC marketing campaigns are not a “fix it and forget it” kind of thing. It requires constant monitoring and tweaking to target the right customers and get the most out of your ads. The beauty of Google Ads is that it provides you with built-in tracking tools that allow you to easily monitor and always know what ads are working and which ones need to be modified.

2. Use Organic Search and PPC

You know what they say about two birds with one stone. The same is true with advertising. An organic search is when you type in what you are searching for in the browser search bar, and a list related to your search appears. Pay Per Click or PPC for short is a method of boosting your site in the search rankings to appear at the top of the list. Some potential customers prefer organic search results, while some prefer to click on the PPC ones. Why not cover your bases, and combine the two to ensure that your site is seen as influential and the preferred choice in your field. Regardless of which method is preferred, your site gets a boost causing your brand to show up as the top choice no matter which way you got there. The result is that you will receive more clicks from customers who are truly interested.

3. Quality Ranking of Landing Pages

Once you have captured the attention of a potential client, your main focus will be on holding their interest long enough to seal the deal or purchase an item from your online store. This starts with directing their ad click to a quality landing page that is relevant to their search, clean, loads quickly with no lag time, shows up and runs well on any screen size or mobile device, and is not cluttered with useless information.

Some of the factors that Google considers when ranking pages include making sure the keywords in the ad copy are relevant to your actual landing page, that your site contains quality articles and information that correlate to the ad copy, that the page loads quickly on any device especially mobile, and pay attention to bounce rates. A bounce is when someone clicks through to your page but leaves immediately. The longer visitors stick around, the more likely the PPC ad will result in a sale.

4. Call to Action Links

Adding a call to action with a direct link that takes the potential buyer to a site page they need is an excellent addition to any PPC ad. A clear, concise description of step-by-step requirements to get the interested customer to click through often result in a sale.

5. Budget Increase for Growth

PPC ads provide you with analytics that help you easily see where you need to scale back or increase your spending to get better results. Sometimes, it pays to spend more at certain periods. Without knowing exactly how your marketing campaign is being received by your potential client base, you will be throwing money at a chance.

Chart the differences between spending $100 v. $1,000 or more monthly looking specifically at the average cost per click CPC, number of monthly visitors, conversion rate, revenue per conversion, total conversions, total revenue, and ultimately your Return on Investment ROI percent. Making changes such as optimizing the ads and creating better converting landing page will result in a lower CPC and a higher conversion rate. With this information at your fingertips, you may decide to increase your Pay Per Click monthly spending to see astronomical growth in your ROI percentage.

In Conclusion

Since all of these numbers and terminology can quickly make your head spin, many business owners seek the help of a professional PPC ad management company to get the best results for their money without figuring out the complicated and constantly changing formulas. Typically, it is wise to view your advertising budget as a long-term expense.

Most likely, you will spend more money in the beginning when you are testing your ads and landing pages as well as figuring out what works best with your client base. Once you get a clear picture with specific analytics, you will be able to clearly see where you can cut back and where you need to focus your costs.
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